PAN CARD Complaint


PAN CARD Complaint

PAN CARD Complaint : After submitting the PAN Card application to NSDL or UTI directly or through service providers (whether online or offline), entire process is carried out by NSDL or UTI (as the case may be) under the control and on behalf of the Income-tax Department of Government of India.

Therefore,  Income-tax Department of Government of India has also started redressal (REMOVAL OF COMPLAINTS) of pan complaints relating to various stages of a pan card application. Once issuance of Acknowledgement No. by NSDL or Coupan No. by UTI directly or through TIN-Fc or Pan Centre, TIN-Fc or Pan Centre, or service providers has least to do. Particularly, problems after clearance from TIN-Fc / NSDL / UTI,  Incometax Department has the main role in solving the problems of an applicant.

Therefore, all the applicants facing any type of problem relating his PAN application,  must register his official complaint to the Income-tax Department (in addition to complaint with Service Provider ) for earliest solution and results  and after registering the complaint, applicant can also know the status of his/her complaint.

Following types of complaints and any type of complaint can be registered online :-

1. Neither P A Number nor PAN Card Received ( न तो पेन नंबर मिला ओर न ही पेन कार्ड मिला ).

2. P A Number received but PAN Card not received.  ( पेन नंबर तो मिला लेकिन पेन कार्ड नहीं मिला ).

3.  Post Containing PAN Card Returned Undelivered ( पेन कार्ड की डाक लोट गयी.).

4. Name Mismatch ( पेन कार्ड में लिखा नाम सही नहीं है / मिसमैच है ).


5. Photo Mismatch ( पेन कार्ड में लगा फोटो सही नहीं है / मिसमैच है / आवेदक का नहीं है )

6. Father’s Name Mismatch ( पेन कार्ड में लिखा पिटा का नाम सही नहीं है / मिसमैच है ).

7. Others (अन्य कोई भी शिकायत )

Other complaint can be communicated through ‘Applicant’s Remark’



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